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Lecture 4: Information Intervention

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Communication Studies
COMM 1101
Chris Russill

Lecture 4: Information Intervention The “New Psychology” – Advertising, PR, Propaganda  Reconfigures our idea of the target audience in a deliberate and important way on the basis on psychological science  Idealistic and superficial idea of how the mind worked  Ads in the 19c – real estate, medications (alcohol), lost slaves (information based)  Old ads: factual, lots of text; new ads: less text, emotional response  Advertising agencies make the ads; company only has some input  People that place bad ads will have no business  With psychology, people could make more appealing ads  People aren’t rational about most decisions; because mostly women make purchases for the home, they’re irrational  People make decisions on stereotypes, desires; need to appeal to impulses and emotions through associations  Can appeal to our anxieties (whether we look good or our breath smells funny, etc.)  Nature is a powerful association  Most money in communication system is used to put out ads, not on content Public Relations  Developing interest and expertise on public relations; industrialization of countries  Mackenzie (PM) is the father of advertising, along with Lee  Over 60% of stories are not of a journalist witnessing an event, they come from a press release from a news organization; contacts that journalists can follow up on to finish story  Press release important in providing information, not hiding information  Created the photo op – easy to obtain pictures relevant to story  Cultivating a much more positive relation with journalist, increase news flows in journalism; friendly to industry  Must remain invisible; must look like normal news Group Conformity Studies  Collectively come to political decisions together  Normative conformity – afraid of going against the group  Deny own eyes to follow the group  Devil’s advocate – interrupt group’s collective opinion and give another opinion Regulating International Propaganda  OPTIONS: o DO nothing o Try to avoid o Label messages as propaganda o Inoculate population (media literacy) o Live with it (but isolate decision-makers from public opinion) o Use it o Ban it, block it, jam it  Harmful forms of communication – fight fire with fire  Don’t remove yourself from influence; the way you’re doing it is the way forward The International System  World bank > international monetary fund > world trade organization  UN – National sovereignty, not colonialism National Sovereignty  Governments are expressions of people’s will, say dissatisfactions within country  UNESCO – reorganize global communication flow o Ba
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