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COMM 2002
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COMM 2001: November 18 th The Nature of the Relationship Depending on the level of the measurement you will be asked to measure the relationship between two variables you have posed from your directional statement. You will need to assess how strong the relationship is and if it is statistically significant. Bivariate statistical tests Cramers’s V - Strength of relationship between two nominal variables or one nominal and one ordinal variable - Coefficient between 0-1 no direction with nominal variables PRE measures - Tells us whether knowing the value of one variable reduces the chance of making an error in predicating the value of another - Possible for all level of measurement but most commonly used on original - Gamma, Somners D, Tau B and C - Coefficient between -1 and +1 Nominal-Chi-Square and Cramer’s V: Logic frequency of observed (Frequency of expected) Ordinal-Gamma, Somers D, Tau B &C: PRE logic (reduction of error by knowing the independent variable) Concordant Pairs- Discordant Paris/Concordant Pairs + Discordant Paris (Ties) PRE measures for interval data - The statistic used is Pearson’s r-often called the correlation coefficient. - R tells us how closely correlate
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