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Ira Wagman

Techne- Feb.13th - Even yesterday, it would have been too much to say that bloggers, tweeters, facebook users, anonymous and wikileaks had “brought down” the Tunisian government, but with today’s news that the country’s president Zine el abidine ben ali has fled the country, it becomes a more plausible claim to make – nate Anderson, WIRED, jan 14 2011 th - The argument that technological determinism isn’t always a bad thing that maybe we should pursue to be technological determinists. - A strong belief that there is a strong relationship between the development of protesting in the middle east/ occupy movements and various attempts to social change connecting with technological determinism - The concept of determinism has emerged as a powerful way of understanding how academics argue - Academics interested in communication are primarily interested in the question of what causes things to happen? What is the cause and effect – use determinism as a way of how things happen - Technology and determinism connects to peoples beliefs on what reflects to the relationship between humans and machines, the argument of what is human or technology and what reflects to our belief of what we find genuine and what is not. What standard of technology reflect of who is in control of what, is it us who is being controlled by the machines or do we control the machines? - The tendency we have to equate technology to the latest technology. - With every new technology brings the assumption that it is making individuals worse – that we are starting to become more programmed by computers rather than electricity. Who does what to whom is the center of the technology debate. - Technology refers to the practical application of knowledge in a particular area. - 1) logos – refers to knowledge - 2) techne – application of that knowledge - We can also think of technology like a capability given by the practical application of knowledge. Like a battery saving technology our computers now have the capability for running a longer time because various types of technology have been put into our computers to make them last longer - Ex. Fuel efficient car - Think of technology as a manner of accomplishing a task using technical processes or methods - Specialized aspects of a particular endeavour ex. Educational technologies - Belief that PowerPoint improves learning, technology that can carry out the task of delivering lectures in a more efficient way - Techne and logos combine knowledge and action, thinking and applying, learning and doing. - As humans we are incomplete beings because there are things we cannot do which technology allows us to do. - As humans we learn to strive to do things we wish to do better - Technology is the recognition of the incompleteness as humans. - The word itself “technology” has history, at one time referred to as a “how to guide” like a form of text on how to do something a form of instructions - What has changed is that now, technology refers to the things themselves. We have moved in the history in the word of technology to thinking about technology as how to do something, to the things themselves, the powertools, the computers etc. - We now think of technologies with a far less appreciation of how they are made. We consider technologies as things without really considering the know – how of how they become “things” - We have almost become entirely cut off from the first meaning and taken on the second meaning of technology - Not a coincidence that the shift of meaning comes with the profileration to incredible invention - The means by which one does things becomes technological because there is the capacity to
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