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Computer Science
COMP 1405
Christine Laurendeau

Lecture 16 Class 1 //The following class shows the usage of a class and subclass import java.util.ArrayList; class CH7_0Employee { //This is a Class String name; String phoneNumber; int employeeNumber; float hourlyPay; } class Manager extends CH7_0Employee { //This is a class named Manager that shares attributes from the //CH7_0Employee class ArrayList duties; ArrayList subordinates; } Lecture 16 Program 1 //Requires Ch7_1Person to run import java.util.Date; class Ch7_1Details { public static void main (String args[]) { Ch7_1Person p = new Ch7_1Person(); Employee e = new Employee(); Customer c = new Customer(); = "Hank Urchiff"; // own attribute p.phoneNumber = "1-613-555-2328"; // own attribute = "Minnie Mumwage"; // attribute inherited from Person e.phoneNumber = "1-613-555-1231"; // attribute inherited from Person e.employeeNumber = 232867; // own attribute e.hourlyPay = 8.75f; // own attribute = "Jim Clothes"; // attribute inherited from Person c.phoneNumber = "1-613-555-5675"; // attribute inherited from Person c.itemsPurchased.add("Pencil Case"); // own attribute c.purchaseHistory.add(new Date()); // own attribute } } Lecture 16 Class 2 //Required for the CH7_1Details program import java.util.ArrayList; import java.util.Date; class Ch7_1Person { String name; String phoneNumber; } class Employee extends Ch7_1Person { int employeeNumber; float hourlyPay; } class Customer extends Ch7_1Person { ArrayList itemsPurchased; ArrayList purchaseHistory; } Lecture 16 Class 3 //Required for the Ch7_2SavingAccount Program public class CH7_2BankAccount { static int LAST_ACCOUNT_NUMBER = 100000; String owner; // person who owns the account int accountNumber; // the account number float balance; // amount of money currently in the account // CH7_2BankAccount constructors CH7_2BankAccount() { this.owner = ""; this.accountNumber = LAST_ACCOUNT_NUMBER++; this.balance = 0; } C
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