CRCJ 4002 Lecture Notes - Lecture 2: Social Control, Behaviorism, Frankfurt School

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CRCJ 4002
Sep 14
-The concept of the generalized other. This is the very sight of the expression of social control
-no preoccupation with social hierarchy
-when we act we can’t do it without employing attitudes of others towards ourselves
-we have to adopt the attitudes of others in order to be ourselves
-even in thinking not only actions
-wants to include social processes in concept of mind. Wants to approach consciousness as a behaviour
-goes against contemporary neuroscience. We can’t understand individuals only based on physiological
point of view.
-some changes can be attributed to physiological change, but they are limited and narrow. Looking at
the mind from behaviourist perspective means were never passively viewing the world. Always giving
meaning to reality.
-social control works by people adopting attitudes of others when defining reality.
-We will generalize the attitude the other, in order to simplify the complexity of the world.
-how can society limit the possibility of interpretation in order to allow for the coordination of behaviour
-not denying reality. Only saying we don’t access solid facts or simple facts. Factuality in itself is
meaningless until we give it meaning.
-everyone belongs to different groups which makes us interprets events differently. It limits our
possibility of meaning.
-production of meaning is different with each individual due to their situation in time and space
-different set of practices have led us to be controlled by the past behaviours of others.
-social control is a form of socialization. Its not only limited to proper actions in society, but it also
defines our thinking and what is going on around us.
-we think of crime and punishment as completely intertwined. This is due to our interpretation.
-crime is a social object in that it stimulates same response by all people (it needs to be punished).
-The theory of labelling fits perfectly into Mead’s train of thought. The attitudes of the generalized other
will be inherited by the self and if those views are negative the self will become negative.
-Mead wanted to expand the Generalized Other.
-The GO creates solidarity.
-The self is the relation between I and Me
-the I is immediate response to stimuli. The Me is our thought process about our initial reaction, the I.
We can never catch ourselves in the I. We can only reflect on our action, thoughts and behaviour during
that point.
-social control is Me vs I. If you your Me questions your behaviour of the I, this is a form of self control.
-Social control does not need to be repressive or negative. We can be individualistic only because we are
socially controlled.
-control works through language and symbols.
-need a concept of mind that is social
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