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Lecture 4

ENGL 2103 Lecture 4: Jane Eyre (Pt. 2)

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ENGL 2103
Henderson Jennifer

Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte (Pt. 2) Jane Calling Rochester by First Name: Pg 283, 286: notion of equality; proposal is in the moment when Jane asserts her equality Pg 287-8: supernatural or divine inserts itself Lightning splitting the chestnut tree: divine displeasure; prediction of doom The Chestnut Tree: Pg 288: the lighting Symbolizes: storm associated with rage and passion; idea that Bertha splits Rochester and Jane Jane splitting in two: her reason has split away; she’s only focusing on passion Jane returns to the tree, almost like a reader and decodes what it means as a symbol Jane’s Heightened Defences: Chapter 24 Jane’s achievement of reason and self-governance is question. She almost let’s herself be captured again (she begins as a captive/slave but as she grows she becomes a self-governing individual) What if Thornfield is another Red-room? Thornfield As The Red-room: *** ESSAY write on name changes throughout the book Pg 290: “Jane Rochester”; JR will replace her personal name JE “young Mrs Rochester”: a possessive spin, her name is only in relation to his JR: makes her lesser than, her equality is taken away Janet V. Jane: giving himself the right to name her what he likes, her name doesn’t really matter Pg 272 (300): Rochester makes her change her clothes Pg 301-2 (273): seraglio = a Muslim palace, the section of it that would be reserved for wives Allusions to Western ideas of the East: the sexual enslavement of women Jane reasserts her English national identity by comparing herself to the “others” from the East: defends herself by referencing cultural otherness The be a captive/enslaved woman: to lose one’s national identity, to become racially other (Bertha Mason) Putting up her defences towards seduction before marriage Song that Rochester sings (pg 304): a man goes up against forces in order to get his woman Last verse (305): mentions the woman’s death; the marriage comes with substantial risks to her identity and life (she doesn’t see herself dying with Rochester) Pg 307: loss of identity and Christianity; sees Rochester as a idol, her passions become all consuming Rochester threatens that Jane will be part of a harem; there is already a woman that is captive in Thornfield: Bertha Mason Jane’s God Demanding Self-Sacrifice: St. John Rivers: Jane’s passion gets in the way of her seeing God BUT Bronte demands that Jane doesn’t completely sacrifice her human love Pg 431-2: novel affirms the passion in Jane cannot be dampened Pg 426-7*: The voice of Rochester pulls her away from the temptation of St. J Rivers’s mission Bronte makes a quiet argument (Protestant): God does not frown on human romantic love; St. J Rivers is so cold that even with his accomplishments we can’t admire him Jane is again exposed to different extremes where the path of maturation seems to be one of reconciling opposites Your self respect is upheld by human laws: reconciliation of the individual and the contributed order of society (far apart at the beginning and pulls them together) Ominous Chestnut Tree (compared to Otranto): Giant parts of the larger-than-human knight that appear: omens speak of something to come (prophecy) The Divine communicating through mysterious signs Romance: even through Jane Eyre is modern elements of the romantic are still in it Supernatural = the splitting of the tree; modern = it came by a storm Jane does tell us she believes in messages in dreams, etc. Jane’s Dreams About Babies: Calls the
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