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Carleton University
ENGL 2105
Robin Norris

The coucou song on pg 36 Song that may be monolingual speakers of English who could not write down English. Don’t know why this was written down. Some educated person interested in writing down the melody also wrote down music Medieval musicology ve? ry complex The word to blow used to mean to bloom (lexical discount) The eth is used No compounds/borrowings Not a lot of semantic change From nu to now cu to cow /u/ to /au/ Sed to seed or med to mead ye to ye /e/ to /i/ Great vowel shift Vowels tend to shift up in terms of phonology Erosion process (random e’s) finishes in EModE What aspects of this short, simple passage continue into EmodE th=third person, singular subject Ne swik thou never now! =don’t stop you never now St in emode is second person singluar EME morphology Verb suffixes: -th 2 p. pronoun Sg plural Subj. Thou ye Obj. Thee you Poss. Thy/thine your 449? 597-1066 1066-1500 1100-1500 OldE debate over dates 1400 1476-1800 1500 EME experts can agree on a dated. She would probably pick 1500. Should know what dates text is from mode, EME oldE Periodization More books circulating in this period because of printing press. More people can write, more evidence survived b/c more texts Caxton had to pick what form of Eng to use for press. No standard before this. Used London eng First time people start to think: what should normal spelling/punctuation be? Renaissance period. Borrowed from greek and latin to describe renaissan
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