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Carleton University
ENGL 2105
Robin Norris

Descriptive vs. Prescriptive Descriptive: How lang used. Which words ppl use. Lang changes/always has/always will. View in this course!! Prescriptive: some forms=better than others. Some people who use own lang are ruining the lang. everyone should speak like I do American trends catch on in other countries, whereas British less likely to be heard (new words/word of the year. See links on webct) Moral of the story: Lexicon is being added to each year. Lexicon=vocab. Doesn’t just refer to the numb. Of words. Idoms/morphimes. Not just individual words, but lexemes or lexicon. Many examples. Ex. Look up verb: speaking/spoke ->go to speak. All forms of one lexeme. Shut down/shut up=lexime, but shut, shutting, etc are not a lexime. Raining cats and dogs=lexeme. Unit of lexical meaning. True no matter how many words it contains. Idiom=multi-word lexeme Ex: pg 163. Top of page=idoms, but all based on the word hand. Idioms different when hands in plural. Not changeable. They are fossilized. Can’t figure out what it means by breaking it apart Institutionalized expression: long time no see. Or phrases: like in a nutshell, etc. Prefabricated for you To perform social function like saying goodbye: see you later Lexicographers decide what goes in the dictionary. Focus more on written than spoken so can cite evidence of how words are used We all have an active vocab: use on regular basis. Passive vocab=recognize but don’t use as often Lexical continuity=words stick around. huge contributor to lang today. Many were old English words that have been here 1000 years. Many old eng lexemes have survived. 76% of most common words used today 83% of 1000 most used words come from oldE See pg 124: ex of old eng words. Parts of the body, features of landscape, calendar, domestic life, adjectives, verbs Some words come from other languages. Loan words/borrowings Historically, when events happen like wars/conquests, etc. cultures and languages come into language. Old norse->old English. When Normans conquered England, brought French over. Early mod period, borrowings from classical languages into English Often, both of these happen at
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