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Carleton University
ENGL 2105
Robin Norris

-Taboo language-chapter 12 -Taboo topics like sex, death, bodily functions -Economic-> laid off, pink slipped, outsourced -Euphemisms to avoid the awks. Strategy to deal with taboos -Some people switch to formal/technical terms (deceased, etc.) -Abbreviate the “n” word, the “f” word -Punctuation marks, bleeping, silence (censored) -Can lead to language creativity. Some taboo words become acceptable so more extreme swearing develops -Pg. 172, yellow box. Ex of diff ways we can use “shit”. Not euphemisms, creative use of word -Changes in taboo words. Words that could not be said before now can (media) -different forms of world Eng, euphemisms and taboos are different Idiom=multiword lexeme where cannot discern from its part Phrases like pushing up daisies (euphemism) are often more literal -Bat formation refresher: -Babysitter/fogger came before babysit or fog -Affixation, if a word appears like it has affixes, peel away affix to find “root” word that was never really there -Similar to folk etymology -Mistaken. Unfamiliar word or loan word, speaker unsure what to do with it -M’aidez->mayday (means help me) -Follows Eng patterns of morphology and formation -crevisse (crayfish). Eng speakers decided this organism would be a crayfish because seemed like had a root -happens often with species -woodchuck from Algonquin word -femelle (French), Eng had word male. Became Female -brydguma=bridegroom. No one understands OldE guma part of brydguma. MidE did understand the word groom though, as in servant that works in stable. Servant of the bride or male counterpart. Now groom. -often understand half of word->changes in words -garlic in OldE was the spear leek. Now an amalgamated compound. Don’t understand the gar part anymore -wifman->wife -tawdry was a kind of lace. Was tacky. St. Audrey. Punished for vanity, big shiny necklaces. People would imitate her by wearing necklaces of lace instead of gold. Was tacky. Turned from St. Audrey lace to tawdry. No way to break this down which is why
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