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ENGL 2105
Robin Norris

Results of test: -Consonants are classified by several categories -M=nasal but bilabial -Past tense allomorph: /d/ sound add an ed to form past tense/ add dental suffix to help with weak words. Fib was the correct answer -old English riddle about one eyed garlic seller -which one change morphological -contains final s -option that has to do with suffixes -birthday (2 free morpheme) -happiest (1 bound 1 free morpheme) (superlative/productive) -happiness (1 bound 1 free morpheme) -Orthography (writing/spelling), phonology (sound) *written down vs pronounced* -morphology (forms of words. Suffixes/pronouns), syntax *both make up grammar* - semantics (how meaning changes), lexicon (vocab) *go back to origins* -look for evidence of continuity + compounds -eld-old -pg 12 -English adds to its vocab -Borrow from other langs -different from semantic development -an ex is Ash in line two. Means an ash speare. Could now mean a whole tree. Board for shield. Board now refers to any flat wooden surface. Lexical continuity, but changes of semantic change -verb object, object word order. This is different from today’s English. Pronouns always morphological change. Can’t use pronouns as ex of lexical continuity -when start talking about form, talking of morphology. Suffixes+pronouns=good ex -talk about sounds of oldE 597-1066 1066-1500 -Norman conquest happened in 1066 -French speaking noblemen most important event of the English language. When OldE becomes MidE -Normans from Normandy in Northern France -when Vikings came to Eng, also went to Normandy -spoke old norse in Eng, began to speak eng, spoke French in france. Good assimilators -Edward the confessor died without an heir. Friends from childhood argued they were promised throne. Frequent cause of conflict -had gone into exile in Normandy. -battle of Hastings 1066. Bayou tapestry pg 125 -captions in latin -William moved capital from Winchester (west saxon dialect) to London (kendish dialect area) -prestige dialect switched -throughout oldE, literate people (in church) were all replaced by French speakers -why orthography changed -latin=lang of church, learning, finance, etc -french latin and … all important in Eng at this time -nobles so isolated in French sphere that had to send kids to school to learn English -maybe 2% of country norman -all most powerful people. Became prestige lang -some bilingual people (merchants, landlords, people that intermarry, tradesmen) -legal to cross lines for trade -eng spoken by 90% of pop -became substratum (lower class) -illiterate -IMPLICATION
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