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First-Year Seminars
FYSM 1209
Christine Koggel

FYSM Jan 16 • Stevenson’s Conclusions o Widely recognized that there is a right to personal security that protects against psychic destruction o Well atlisted scientific themes that explains disruption of a culture’s infrastructure leads to personal pathology o Such pathology is evident in aboriginal peoples subjected to massive cultural assaults o Racist and genetic explanations are implausible • Conclusions for ‘where to go from here” – what we ought to do and restrain from doing o Negative refrain from further massive disruption  Trudeau ‘white paper’ – end land treaties and aboriginal rights is wrong o Positive – no change? NO – Slattery – already changes to infrastructure, structure, superstructure – Assimilate? Stevenson says NO  Infrastructure – modes of production/population  Structure - domestic and political economy  Superstructure – values, norms, beliefs o Over thousands of years – experimental – knowledge through embodied engagement with land and in ecosystem  Self-determination, control over land and resources, land treaties are and allow • Questions o Psychology part – 2 kinds of conceptions of persons  One who is already born into the world into families and that shapes their identities • When you are changi
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