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First-Year Seminars
FYSM 1209
Christine Koggel

FYSM Feb 25 Euthanasia: • Johnson – used her own testimonies o She was a person with disabilities and she loves living o Should be relevant to looking at the situation o Talks about Singer – abstract  Person with disabilities are judged to have less of a life worth living  She finds his arguments interesting • Johnson is accused as being too nice about singers argument • She figures that the way is to argue in his terms • Rock o DALY has reasons for saying let’s look at this objectively Abortion: • Moral considerations when looking at the debate of abortions and reproductive technology • If we want our opinions to play a role in public debate – they have to be researched, thought through etc. Introduction: • Right to life – of fetus > standard liberal debates on abortions (conflicting rights) framework o What is the status of the fetus?  Process of development o Is it a person/ human being with rights equal the same  Person says that it is more than biology – psychological and social features  Capacities for thought, socializing • Principle of anatomy – for women > standard liberal debates on abortions (conflicting rights) o Women’s right to choose • Avoidance of suffering o Issues of disability  If disability has reason to end their life (not a good quality of life) – think of how it can happen in mothers that have the choice to end their child’s life before they are able to live  Now we can determine if the fetus is going to have disabilities o Mothers life:  Circumstance of health, economic situation • Other issues? o Technological advances  you can create, end lives in labs  sell and buy eggs, womb, baby • we can select the genetic makeup and should we let it live on Canada: • history/ background o prior to 1969 abortion was prohibited o in 1969 – amendment to the criminal code (se
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