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Class 5October1211559 PMTreaty of Versailles 28 June 1919The Big ThreeoDavid Lloyd George BritainoGeorges Clemenceau FranceoWoodrow Wilson USDifferent attitudes towards GermanyoWoodrow didnt care much for Germany fight didnt happen on American soiloClemenceau wanted to milk Germany for every dollar France suffered a lot in WWIGermany borders France Clemenceau wanted to prevent another waroDavid Lloyd George somewhere in betweenoTermsAlsaceLorraine given to FranceDanzig given to the League of NationsArmy reduced to 100000 menWar Guilt Clause clause number 231most significant part placed the blame on Germans226 billion Reichsmarkstoo much not realistic to repay Crippled the economyLeague of NationsGermany banned from uniting with Austria Womens RightsEarly 20th century developmentsoMarie CurieoNew rights in FranceEradication of separate spheresoMaria DesraimesWomens rights campaignsSuffrageoHubertine Auclertleads French national movementoNational franchise and suffragettesRoman catholic v Protestant countriesRole of the middle classEmmeline ChristabelSylvia PankhurstUse of forceBoth the state and women are willing to use violence Suffragettes in BritainSeen as terrorist organization by authoritiesScotland Yard investigates in 1912Civil disobedience
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