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HIST 1002
Christopher Adams

25/11/11  Seeds of the Cold War in 1945  Hitler’s secretary o Traudl Junge  Film  Worked closely with the holocaust  Worked closely with Hitler  22 when she began with Hitler 1942  Had a fascination to Hitler  Paternal love  Came from a troubled family  1943 she married an SS officer  Wrote Hitler’s will just before he died  Arrested by Soviets right after the war 1945  Spent the most of her life in Munich  Revealed in 1980’s  Tried to emigrate to Australia  Australia wouldn’t even let her in as a tourist o Film 1  1988 with fox news  Junge thought Hitler was handsome, nice and polite  1942 she was 1/3 Hitler’s personal secretaries  Thought it was interesting to be on the top  Job was to keep him relaxed  Small talk o Love stories o Cinemas  Some writing memos  Vertas Garden  Hitler’s mountain home  Relaxing place  Eva Braun lived in it o Junge thought she was pretty but dumb but not gorgeous just nice  No one took his hatred of Jews seriously  Junge didn’t think the work camps were death camps  Himmler would tell stories about how he organized concentration camps o Made Junge think it was a normal way to arrest people because of political crimes  No one knew about it officially in Hitler’s circle  No one wanted to find out more about it  Someone asked if Hitler knew about the Jews  He got mad  Told her it didn’t concern them  Hitler was only mad in some specific ideas o Film 2  2001  The tyranny ruled the entire society  Very organized  Hitler manipulated people  Convinced people the Jews were to blame for things  Made them no longer feel it was bad  Junge was born in 1920  Hitler’s secretary  Married an SS officer o Died in battle  Lived in a Munich apartment for most of her life  Wrote a book in the 80’s  Junge now feels guilty  She liked Hitler  She didn’t notice the oppression  She was curious  She now sees Hitler was a criminal  She was a late developer  Hitler was paternally protective towards her  Thought secure  Family like  She wasn’t close to her real father  Hatred when your father disappoints you  Her mom’s dad was a tyrant in the home  She had to make lots of sacrifices as a child  Ended up with Hitler by coincidence  Had no idea what she wanted to do with herself  Couldn’t go to high school  Friend transferred her to Berlin  Exam help: o Compare at Leni Refenstaul and Taual Junge  WW2 o Total war  Women  British women fully mobilized  Massive mobilization in the Soviet Union o Soviet Women Served in combat  Which country never fully mobilized its economy?  Impact on US  Boomtowns o Pulled themselves out of the depression with war industry o Meant new cities o Continental European cities were destroyed  Bombing of Cities  Allied bombing of Germany o Controversial o  Arthur Harris – Bomber Command o Dresden 13/02/1945  Most of the residential bombings took place  Not much left of the city center  Most German refugees were here  People dying  Burning to death  Suffocating because the fire consumed all the oxygen o Similar to Japan nuclear bombings  Could allies have won if we did not bomb innocents? o Hamburg also bad o Encouraged bombing residential areas  Thought it would knock Germany out of the war quickly o Death by moonlight  Canadian veterans went and apologized to Germans  Sweden didn’t mobilize its economy  Switzerland was a Nazi self-haven  Took their money o Berlin 1945  01/04/1945 Red army reaches outs
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