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HIST 1707
S Lipsett- Rivera

HIST Class 9TransAtlantic Trade System c 1490s1880sthSlave comes from Slavic who were large sources of slaves in the 9 centuryAztecs Samarians Babylonians Greeks Romans used people from BritainFranceEurope Africans internal slavery via raiding neighbours kept slaves There was an export slave trade before transAtlantic slave trade to the Arabian Peninsula Slaves were common form of tribute in ancient Egypt Jews Europeans EthiopiansTransAtlantic slave trade from West Africa to build the backbone of the new world Embedded in triangular trade system Took place in a circuit and tied together Europe Africa and the New World thBegan in late 1400s and continued until the 19 century So lucrative bc each region produced a product not developed in another region Europeans made textiles cloth and manufactured goods weapons guns gun powder African merchants wanted this Also brought rumwhich was produced in new world brought to Europe and sold to Africa Europeans brought slaves to new world From New World there was sugar molasses rum cotton and other products all sold in EuropeAfter Christopher Columbus bumped into Espaola Europeans started travelling to the new world Sugar became really popular to those who could afford itEuropeans faced problem of shortage of labor in New World so they were forced to transfer people to New World Indigenous people were decimated by diseases and very resistant to becoming slavesEuropeans originally tried to use other Europeans for labor Indenturedservitude People would come to Americas under contracts but it wasnt very popular because there werent enough indentured servants and it was expensive to keep these people alive food shelter in somewhat decent terms and given a piece of land afterEuropeans turned to Africa because they already knew slaves were traded in AfricaththAt least 12million people translated overseas between 15 and 19 centuries not included people who died along the way
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