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HIST Class 3Americas at 1400Aztecs IncasVery similar social classes compared to the rest of the world nobility peasants farmers artisans etcCitystates theocracies govt with very strong religious foundation religion infused in life of people empiresThese empires were a product of a long series of culture Both Aztecs and Incas lived at high altitudes reason for their success was most likely a better rowing environment allowed them to feed a lot of people and transfer goods Highland cultureMainly ate corn Aztecs and potatoes IncasConquered large areas gathered tribute from subjectsBoth had lingua francaa common language could create empires easily AztecsthAztecs believed world was a fragile place already in 5 world the last oneSacrifices to please gods and day of birth determined your fate religious pressure to conform to your fate without doing these things universe may be thrown offbalance bc of fragile stateLived in southern North AmericaFrom Mesoamerican culture130 citystates under their controlThe capital city of Aztecs was Tenochtitlan in presentday Mexico City on a small island in a lake lots of canals going through it People moved around in canoes Spanish compared it to Venice Center of the city was a ceremonial center with pyramids religious buildings and sacrificial buildings it was sacred Believed in 5 directions north south east west center city modeled after it religion infused with daily lifePyramids were solid no crypt in them and they would add a layer to pyramids every time there was a successful ruler they got bigger and bigger
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