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Class 4 - Nationalism and the Making of Modern Nation States.docx

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HIST 1707
S Lipsett- Rivera

NationalismNationstate or a country Idea that people divided into nation states with a distinct thculture emerged now in the 19 centurythLocal identities were important before 19 century Belonged to clan village region religious order citystate etc Dante Alighieri famous writer of the Divine Comedy Exiled in 1302 From Florence a citystate Italy didnt existthNationalism emerged in 19 century Believes two things people who share a common culture ways of living and a history are bound together as a people or nation and that each nation should have its own territory or state Only by merging a national community with a specific territory could nations be secure Way of promoting distinctness or separateness from other nations Nationalists are proud of their national identity feel a sense of belonging based on national identity and deserve their own state Nations as imagined communities Birth of NationalismNation state born in the French Revolution After France declared itself a republic other countries invaded to restor
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