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HIST 1707
S Lipsett- Rivera

Industrial RevolutionIndustrial revolution was the beginning of industrial capitalism the use of machines to thmake things like textiles paper glass etc economy still living with in the 18 century Shift from hand labour to the machineStarted in Britain late 1700s and quickly spread to the rest of Western Europe Wasnt predicted that Europe was about to become the worlds leading economic power China and Islamic Middle East were ahead technologically By 1750 world had equalised in terms of rates of production of goods Russia China was richest country in the world US Western Europe India etcBy 1800 Industrial revolution was happening in BritainWestern Europe Pace of economic growth had broken out ahead of other regions of the world The Great Divergence Incredible divergence between the West and the restBy 1900 Western Europe had surpassed India and China in terms of productivity Industrial Revolution dramatically increased pace things could be madedistributed Also gave Western Europe technology ways of a transporting stuff to the rest of the worldWhy did it start in Western EuropeCulture of research and experimentation in Western Europe Direct legacy of the Enlightenment and the Scientific Revolution Lead to a much greater understanding of how the world worked Nature was there to be controlled and exploited by humans Participation in global trade BritainFrance were heavily involved in trade in the Indian Ocean and in the New World Europe was exposed as to what was occurring elsewhere like technologies invented elsewhere Ideas to work with that they could prove thupon Winnowing fan invented and widely in use in China by the 14 century Technology to separate grain from chaff Travel to other places gave Europeans access to all kinds of new raw materials Wood from Canada grain from NA cotton from Egypt Globalization introduced Europeans to new plants which were used back in Europe Rubber tree not indigenous to Europe was crucial to the industrial revolution Aztecs used rubber balls for ball gamesRubber gaskets were used by Europeans which could be heatedshaped to precise measurement Became integral to manufacturing
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