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Carleton University
HIST 2401
James Miller

Ronal Regan Represented right of republican party Stuck to simple ideas of America Self confidence/calm assurance that was right all along=popular Even if people said he was lying, would laugh it off. The morals were the bottom line Big government is the problem not the solution. Big military=confidence in the world Cut taxes/eliminate communism See slide for Reagan Revolution Trickle down theory. Encourage self reliance. Elderly/poor Induced a recession to combat inflation Thought commies were ‘evil empire’ wanted to outspend them militarily Invading grenada=medals. More medals than people involved Huge heroic move. Showed us willing to use force **Washington consensus** neo liberal globalization=interlocking of world economy. Great social bargain bretton woods, in order to encourage freer trade, in exchange for loss of control that gives you, we’ll all be better off. If you get a cold, you may spread it to someone else. Prevent communism. Just enough control over economy to have unlimited welfare, etc. very Keynesian. Washington consensus reversed that. IMF and World Bank only give to people willing to take foreign investors and don’t give welfare, etc. didn’t want govs to spend. What he’s doing at home he wants whole world to do; does so through IMF and WB Reagan waged culture wars. Attacked unions Economic plan for trickledown didn’t work. Pumped $ into economy in diff ways. Working poor wages fell compared to inflation Deficit started under Reagan. Explicit policy to some conservatives Always stop social spending Welfare is bad Blamed liberals for faltering moral fibre of America’s individual character. Republicans used this to bring regan to power Exam: Westward settlement after civil war. Promoted by state. Cultural symbolysim of frontier. In east America is becoming urb
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