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Lecture 9

HIST 3109 Lecture 9: HIST3109 Lecture 9

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Carleton University
HIST 3109
Rod Philips

Monday, March 13, 2017 History 3109 Lecture 9: Water and the anti-alcohol movements / Alcohol and WW1 Water and the Anti-Alcohol Movement: anti-alcohol movements in a spectrum • • look at the in national terms but the anti-alcohol movement was an international issue - Temperance Prohibition: Temperance: to moderate something • • Prohibition is the state stepping in saying you wont drink not you abstaining from it voluntarily • most complete prohibition is muslim, cannot make, consume, import, sale, or have alcohol but in US it was the sale and importation of alcohol but not the consumption — if you had enough to last you the whole prohibition then you could drink it legally • Ontario; couldn't sell beer or sprits but you could make them but you could make and sell wine but only in high quantities; but the beer and spirits were sold outside of Ontario and this was okay ; no law against consumption - 19th century was a rise of an anti-alcohol movement that had abstinence and prohibition - Prohibition says some people are abusing alcohol so no one can drink alcohol; this is very heavy way to deal with this problem - Abstinence teetotalism: • Teetotalism is like abstinence, used in the 19th and 20th centuries - Preconditions: Social anxieties, social pathologies, statistics/social sciences; Material, water • the kinds of social anxieties were that society was coming undone, • Social pathologies: increasing violence with the working class, family breakdown, industrialization, urbanization, population growth, growth of insanity— growth of medical and psychological professions, suicide was on the increase and was 1 Monday, March 13, 2017 defined differently which began to put figures on social groups and what kind of people were prone to become alcoholics • Social Sciences: began to put their work on a more statistical and theoretical way - people looking at statistics like never before; Example of hoe statistics were used; responsible for 4-5ths of all crime, shipwrecks, poverty, etc- but there are different statistics so what are true on these , but people wouldn't challenge a stat • all of these trends are making of anxiety: social breakdown, families were falling apart, rebellion of children, no suicide, a creation of this other place (golden age) was created the beliefs in these added up into a real sense to people that society was heading • in the wrong direction and alcohol was the main problem in this movement — creating the anti-alcohol movement as a whole (movements on ending gambling, prostitution, poverty etc but alcohol attracted the numbers of people so it was a larger movement) • Material condition- Water - safe drinking water, on wells or sources of water(lakes rivers) - this solution of the drinking water created an anxiety in the 1600s (maybe the population growth of the 1500s did this to the water) - found how to boil off bacteria from the water or use spirits with high alcohol in the
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