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Lecture 12

HUMR 1001 Lecture 12: HUMR 1001 A – October 18th (1)

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Carleton University
Human Rights
HUMR 1001

HUMR 1001 A October 18 th Minority rights Minority: a group numerically inferior to the rest of the population of a State, in a non dominant position, whose members possess characteristics differing from those of the rest of the population and who desire to preserve their character. Some groups who are in a statistical minority hold power (Ex: white people in South Africa under apartheid) Self identify as members of a minority group Types of minorities: Religious Gender Ethnic Linguistic Sexual orientation Political Minority status differs by nation, province, region, etc. Ex: Francophone are a minority in Canada as a whole, however in Quebec they make up the majority Minorities can address their status by trying to somehow turn themselves into a majority Francophone people in Quebec may support independence from Canada in order to give them majority status Minority rights: implies that there are rights that are denied to them; they are not as securely protected as others Ex: right to marriage for gays and lesbians Dont ask, dont tell if you were gay or lesbian as a member of the US military, you could serve as long as you didnt express your sexual orientation Denial of minority rights is often attached to certain perceptions or prejudices towards these minority groups 4 basic ways of discriminating: 1. Identify minorities as being alien, different Ex: Jews, Muslims discriminated on the basis that they are not like whites in America 2. Seen to be inferior Ex: the notion that African Americans are inferior to whites not as intellectually developed 3. Seen to be less civilized Ex: indigenous people not seen as fully developed, way of life seems old fashioned 4. Seen as dangerous Ex: homosexuals could be prosecuted for the way they were
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