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Human Rights
HUMR 2202
Marc Tedder

Date: November 12, 2013 Group members: Sarah Lundy, Rita Kiapway and Danielle Taylor Tasks of each group member: - Everyone: Review APA material from lecture 8: Nov 5 - Everyone: Create several questions(5-7 each): Nov 6 - Danielle: Make power point game: Nov 6 - Danielle: Write activity instructions: Nov 6 - Everyone: Write out questions and answers in word and in the PowerPoint: Nov 7 - Everyone: Fact checking – ensure material is correct: Nov 7 - Rita: Email the professor the assignment: Nov 11 - Rita: Print out the questions/answers (Backup) Nov 11 - Sarah: Bring candy and a coin to class: Nov 12 - Danielle: Bring flash drive to class: Nov 12 - Danielle: Introduce how to play the game - Sarah: Will read question/answers 1-3 - Rita: Will read question/answers 4-6 - Danielle: Will read question/answers 7-9 Topic: Title page and document format Activity: Tic Tac Toe Instructions: - Divide the class up into two groups (“O” & “X”) - Sarah will flip a coin to decide which team will go first - Group picks a square (one to nine) where they want to place their “X” or “O” - That group guesses the answer to the question - The instructors will reveal if the answer is correct or incorrect - If it is correct they get to place the “O” or “X” in the square - If they are incorrect the other group will be able to guess - If both groups are incorrect the square stays blank - Next group then goes - Each square has two question, in case the above scenario happens - If each group gets both questions wrong in one square, an “O” and “X” will be placed in the square - The first team to get three in a row wins! Teams can score horizontally, diagonally, and/or vertically. Backup Plan: - Create a tick tac toe board on the chalk board - We will read out the multiple choice and true and false questions - Rita will bring a printed sheet with the questions and answers Prize: Candy Questions & Answers: Square 1 Question 1: When writing a paper the abstract should go on which page? A) Page 2 B) Page 3 C) Page 1 D) You don’t need an abstract Question 1: All major sections should start with which level? A) Level 2 B) Level 3 C) Level 1 D) Level 4 Square 2 Question 2: When using level 2 in an essay it should be as follows: A) Indented, boldface, italicized, lowercase paragraph heading ending with a period B) Flush left, boldface, uppercase C) Centred, boldface, uppercase and lowercase D) None of the above Question 2: Providing keywords in a paper is mandatory. A) True B) F
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