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Carleton University
LAWS 2105
Pooja Parmar

Class 9LAWS2105CMarch 11 2014Rights of Indigenous PeopleOverviewIndigenous people not only located in settler colonial nations North America South America Australia New ZealandoIndigenous people remain on the margins of all societies o45 of global population is indigenous they account for 10 of the worlds poor 80 of poor indigenous people live in AsiaInfant mortality rate is much higher for indigenous than the rest of the population of the countries in which they liveDiabetes rates in aboriginals of Australia are 6 times higher than the general populationInuit youth in Canada have an 11 time higher suicide rate than the rest of CanadaProblematic that nationstates are ambivalent about recognizing rights of indigenous peoples as they arent in a position to make changes to positively affect their livesWhat is ambivalenceNot a simple narrative of denial over the centuriesAmbivalence is that through the centuries the people who had power to determine who have rights have simultaneously acknowledged and denied rights to indigenousoAmbivalence can be observed from the time of first contact and this time of first contact is easier to pinpoint in colonial nations than in nations with much longer contact historyPrimary justification for denial of rights of indigenous peoples has been refusal to recognize their standing in lawoAnyone who has a standing in law has certain rightsobligationsoNot recognized as a legal personoFact of resolving this ambivalence is part of the reason indigenous peoples are continuing to be denied rights
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