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LAWS 3305
Christopher Mc Naught

1 November 28, 2013 LAWS3305b Crime and State in History Lecture Week 11 Exam: Will not be questioned on videos, political cartoons, music played in lecture, exact quotes Pay attention to mark allocations when writing the exam Series of short answer and mini essays 2.5 hours: closed book Article: Douglas Baldy “More than a messenger, he was key to securing peace” (New York Times) - Father Alec Reid (recently passed away) - Photographed during troubles in Ireland (IRA) - “Bloody Sunday” British opened fire on the IRA rebels - Back to the photo: Father Reid tried to save a British soldier from execution - Reid had contacts with Gerry Adams (leader of IRA) and acted as a go between in an attempt to secure peace Merrel Williams: Was a paralegal to a huge tobacco company - Acted as a whistle blower - Pushed larger law corporation to pursue claim against tobacco companies Drone: ethical issue? - What’s our priority? Strike from the air and protect out army, and continue to battle on with grasping a hold on the war on terror? - Nuclear holocaust? Are we bringing it closer by allowing our government to discuss the use of such weapons as drones? - Nuclear war threat continued into our generation …. Damascus, Arkansas- missile socket dropped; that had a war head so powerful to do 3 times the damage as formerly dropped Nagasaki - Greggory Peck “On the beach” a film about a possible nuclear holocaust Jan. 2012 in Vanity Fair “One nation under arms” - Deals with papers of George Kenan (architect of nuclear arms) - Piece about the cold war happened; military industrial complex - Shows how we have changed (Can, USA) gradually over time - Talks about Obama’s failures to end the cold war through extra rendition, Guantanamo, off shore prisons  his key policies are indistinguishable from the Bush administration TODAY: comes out the Canada allowed (G20) USA to spy on persons during that conference  Snowden WARCRIMES AND CHILD SOLDIERS Central African Republic- failed state - Slipping into chaos; murder, rape - UN has been notified - Canadian reaction; our government will not make all Canada’s foreign affairs assets dedicated to Canada’s commercial interest all over the world …. Peacekeeping? What happened? - Muslim Seleka rebels wreaking havoc on central Africa GUANTANAMO 2 - British report judge called Guantanamo a “legal black hole” - Guantanamo as part of Cuba; what is America doing there?  think back to Spanish- American war - Both US presidents (Bush and Obama) considered that they have the ability, b/c its an undeclared war, to detain people indefinitely offshore in that territory without court oversight, then say they have their hands tied and cannot “tear it down” - When Obama first claimed an attempt to shut it down American outrage broke against allowing “terrorists” on their soil … so what about the Mafioso’s? - Unmentioned in American history textbooks AND unmentioned in Canadian media - When Canada ventured t
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