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Lecture 7

LAWS 2908 Lecture Notes - Lecture 7: Critical Legal Studies, Heinonline, Video Lesson

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LAWS 2908
Zeina Bou- Zeid

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Week 7 Feb 16 LAWS 2908
February 16, 2017
Federal bills, statutes and regulations
Statute = section
Bill = clause
Rest in brackets = optional
Last time they federally consolidated it was 1985, provincially in Ontario was 190
Indicate which province it is from - stuff in round brackets = optional and do not need to include
Government documents
Parliamentary or non-parliamentary
Worksheet from week 6
R in yellow box = regulations under the act
Example used was the civil marriage act
How to add or repeal statute = table of public statutes (on left side of the page)
o Will tell if a section has been added or repealed - if not indicated otherwise is amended
W - 7
Lecture vids
1- Bretelle Dawson article
2- discussion of theory (Devlin article)
Huge compelling argument
3- concept of research.. Etc.
How to find secondary sources (particularly journal articles)
Newspapers - not peered reviewed like academic articles
Goes through an editor but not the same thing
As academic articles are viewed by experts and see if it makes a contribution (removing some
politics of it - in theory)
o Law has some major legal journals
o When in doubt, check if it is journal and in McGill guide has a list of Canadian journals and
some American
Under west law
Articles & newsletters
Start off with Westlaw and Quicklaw then other major law database = Heinonline (to locate
Jstore, scholars portal
find more resources at
find more resources at
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