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Lecture 8

LAWS 2908 Lecture 8: Week 8 (MArch 2) LAWS 2908

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LAWS 2908
Zeina Bou- Zeid

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Week 8 - March 2 LAWS 2908
Identify roles of secondary sources
Apply preliminary screens
Components of an effective argument & identifying potential strengths and weaknesses of
- Workshop on writing
- Common mistakes for assignment
o Make sure to read assignment clearly & answer all aspects
o Lack of clear intro, thesis and conclusion
o Not providing evidence
Need to back up reasons, otherwise you are just asserting claims
o Use either footnotes or endnotes not both
** footnote markers should always be placed after the punctuation
o Quotes should always be briefly introduced why is it being included
o Avoid emotive language not concerned how you feel but what you argue
o Always italicize case names or names of statutes
Intro to Secondary sources
Why bother with secondary sources
o How to use them
How does it help us advance
There to help support primary sources (statutes, bills, cases)
Secondary help tp provide points - that were not able to find in cases or statutes -
gives broader context of a legal topic
o Dealing with counter-arguments
Do not ignore it, refer to it in a footnote or endnote and explain why it is there and
why = relevant
Tells reader there is a weakness in the paper if you do not recognize the counter
o Coming to know the field
Go bibliography - to get a sense of what types of info that those writers used
How your argument adds to the broader context
Does it exist or does not exist - helps explain why your research question is relevant to
the field
Justify worth
Do not make arguments with what someone has said and summarize it
Justify and how your argument fits in with it
How to evaluate/analyze secondary sources?
Preliminary screens (how relevant is that article for your research)
o Nature of the source (is this source reviewed before other than the author before being
made public)
find more resources at
find more resources at
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