MUSI 1002 Lecture Notes - Lecture 14: Dick Hebdige, John Travolta, Youth Subculture

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9 Aug 2016
MUSI 1002
Nov 10
-refers to a way of life. In relation to music it combines artistry with way of life
-subculture studies became popular in 80’s
-stated in Britain with youth
-subculture is a social groups organized around shared interests and practices
-they distinguish themselves from others in order to be fractions of other groups.
-youth subcultures appropriate and innovate musical styles as basis for their identity. Also assert
counter cultural politics
Dick Hebdige
-early scholar of subculture
-forms of subcultural expression are turned into commodities
-began in 70’s and dominated by the end of the decade
-not just a music but a sensibility
-mixing of song is important creative act
-Rb disco kept gospel vocals and syncopated drums.
-eurodisco: simpler more tantid vocals, bass lines less syncopated. More orchestral instruments.
Synthesiszer. More of an emphasis on producer in recording studio.
-pop disco: represented by mainstream pop artist. More commercial. More “white”.
-disco did start out as a subculture eventually crossed into the mainstream. This is called “crossing over”.
-black and latino gay subcultures. Disco then became a straight, white commercial product.
-transition from subculture to mainstream helped in part to movie with john Travolta.
-disco was revolt against rock
-it was the antithesis of rock.
-during the 60’s rock changed with progressive, lengthy guitar solo, changing song structure becoming
more prominent.
-rock moved solidly into the mainstream
-deprsonalized vs personalized stars: certain stars emerged in disco, but most of them were
interchangeable. Many tracks were one hit wonders. Similar to EDM.
-a hot disco mix is a sexual metaphor, pleasing and teasing the audience with the break being the climax.
-camp: object taken out of context and applied to new situation for effect of sublime or ridiculous.
Village people are an example of this.
-Village people satire masculinity.
-strong dislike against disco near end of 70’s. against not only the music but also everything it stood for.
The dancing, accessories, clothing, lifestyle etc..
-disco origins to gay culture and black/latino culture also played a part in its demis.
-reaction to existing rock traditions
-rock was initially used as counter to mainstream
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