MUSI 1002 Lecture Notes - Lecture 2: Art Music, Low Culture, Chord Progression

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9 Aug 2016
MUSI 1002
Sep 8
-perception of standardisation is based on perception of music as a product
-popular music is a product bought and sold
-Critical theory: attempt to further social change.
-didn’t like capitalism control of life.
-the culture industry is central to capitalism
Culture industry
-first coined by Adorno
-produce forms of culture that are commodities. Ex; Film, television, popular music
-culture is produced to be bought and sold
-This has become so widespread that it brought a standardization of the products.
-consumers that began to feel indifferent to the products they were being sold.
-1) ex: genres of music.
-2) musical structure and form. Ex: intro, verse 1, bridge, chorus etc….
-3) the beginning of the chorus can be replaceable by a number of other chorus’s. similar lyrics themes,
instrumentation, chord progression with each song
On popular music
-genres discussed in article are listened to during 20’s to 40’s.
-this includes jazz, blues.
-A lot of these genres were beginning to be standardized
Pseudo individualisation
-the small variations between standardises products
-makes very similar products seem different
-for example a pop songs that relies on a standard chords but changes the melody or the lyrics.
-the structure of the songs is the same
High v Low culture
-serious music: classical music. Western art music tradition. Beethoven, Bach etc.. Adorno contrasted
this with popular. This type of comparison is still ongoing today., Adorno said this type was less
standardised. The detail of the section would only take on meaning when looking at the whole. Parts
aren’t interchangeable. The market context in which this music is consumed doesn’t make it marketable.
-principles of mass production applied to music as well as physical material
Role of listener
-distracted, inattentive.
-not being critical of what is being listened.
-passive acceptance.
-music is not enough our #1 attention, so we are more often than not passively listening.
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