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Hildegard of Bingen

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PHIL 1610
Iva Apostolova

1098 - 1179 Hildegard's Vision Hildegard's life: she was born to noble parents in Germany; she was he 10th child, and given to a monastery when she was 8. The decision was motivated by her poor health and her strange visions. She entered a convent where she was eventually became a magistra. At the age of 43 she had a vision of flaming tongues coming out of her head, which she interpreted as she should write down her spiritual experiences. Some of her works are: Scivias (her first visionary work), Cause et Curae, Physica, Symphony of Harmony of Celestial Revelation. Even though she was not officially canonized, she's celebrated as a martyr in Roman martyrology. Hildegard was self-taught. She was inspired by the Scriptures. The Egg of the Universe: is a cosmic symbol present in the Indian and Druidic traditions, to which Hildegard didn't have access to. The egg is a feminine image. She later changes her mind about the universe to a sphere. Unlike Augustine, Hildegard thought that you couldn't separate God, Christ, and nature. The cosmic picture of the world made her a avid scientist who studied nature. What does the egg symbolize? It is a symbol of a whole, a unity in which everything is connected and inner related. "The essence of everything is relation" The egg is also organic and alive. It is a concentration of mysteries and healing powers. At the centre of the egg, there is air full of water which gives moisture to the whole egg. And within this centre, there is a dry globe which is immovable. There is a mountain in the egg that separates the darkness from the light Hildegard's Vision on human nature: The universe is spherical, because that's what the science of the day told her. The universe is more like the womb o
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