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St. Augustine (Bishop of Hippo)

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Carleton University
PHIL 1610
Iva Apostolova

354 - 430 Half pagan, half Christian by birth. Born in Northern Africa. Lived a life of luxury, lady's man many kids out of the wedlock. Later, after meeting Ambrose, the bishop of Milan, become convinced that Christian teachings had the answer to all of his philosophical and personal inquiries. After he embraced Christianity fully, he became the bishop of hippo. Some of his known work is confessions Remarks on his philosophy: Bridges Ancient and Christian thought. Brings further understanding of Plato's ideas. He was Manichee (teachings of Mani) at first then rejected it. His assumptions: Believe precedes understanding ("Unless you believe you shall not understand") All humans want happiness. The Great Chain of Being: The perm is coined by Plotinus who is considered a Neoplatoist. The Great Chain of Being resembles Plato's World of forms. There is one source of reality and goodness which is self-sufficient and never changing. The source is like a spring: it emanates and the rest of reality partakes in it. The closer something is to the source, the more goodness and reality it has. In other words, there is a direct correlation between being and goodness. 1. The good/ the one/ the source/ the absolute/ God. 2. Angels/ Pure spirits. 3. Human beings. 4. Animate matter (plants and animals) 5. Inanimate matter (objects)
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