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Rationality and Objectivity in Science or Tom Kuhn Meets Tom Bayes.docx

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Carleton University
PHIL 2301

Rationality and Objectivity in Science or Tom Kuhn Meets Tom BayesKUHN ON SCIENTIFIC RATIONALITY 552oKuhns challenge to the logical empiricist philosophy of science concerns the nature of theory choice in science oThere are two fundamental theories they cannot be resolved by proofTo see how they are resolved you must techniques or persuasion or argument and counterargument in a situation in which there can be no proof It cannot be rendered logically explicit and precise oIndividual scientists may at a given moment differ regarding a particular choice of theories The interactions among individual members of the community of scientists produce a consensus for the groupoOne of Kuhns major claims seems to be that observation and experiment in conjunction with hypotheticodeductive reasoning do not adequately account for the choice of scientific theories This has led some philosophers to believe that theory choice is not rational Kuhn in contrast has tried to locate the additional factors that are involved These additional factors constitute a crucial aspect of scient
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