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Political Science
PSCI 2102
Peter Atack

Class 9PSCI2102BMarch 10 2014Lessons of South AfricaHistoryWay station to all important bits of the world worlds trade went past South AfricaEuropeans decide they must have a settlement there because they kept dying on journeysoCape of Good HopeTip of South Africa isolated bit of AfricaBantu speakers migrate downwards to the tip of Africa end up with conflict on line between Afrikaners Dutch and ZuluFounded by Dutch colonists as a commercial project but its purpose is to provide foodDutchspeakingAfrikaners Boers mixture of Dutch reform church protestants and Huguenots French protestant refugees fleeing from persecution in France after revoking the Edict of Nantes oStrict protestant religious movement almost Dutch reformed churchoFocused on everyone living a very puritan lifestyleEvery family can 4500 acres 5 square miles and end up cattlefarming because of unique geography of this placeoTrekboers cattle ranchers in the exteriorLocal dialect Afrikaans mix of French Dutch and an African languageTry to escape regulations of Dutch East India Trading CompanyEnd up with creation of a new people the Cape Coloured anyone ends up being mixedoSet up to be a labour force as they cant claim land like DutchoCape Coloured as the offspring of many different people mixture created at same timeoWhite Boers has the vote Cape Coloured did notNetherlands gets invaded and taken over by French via Napoleonic Wars so British take the Cape and keep it
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