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Class 13 – PSCI2102B – April 8, 2014.docx

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Carleton University
Political Science
PSCI 2102
Peter Atack

Class 13PSCI2102BApril 8 2014Loeb A602 review session on day before exam 200PM500PMWords concepts persons placesoExplain whowhat this thing is and why it matters about a page2 sets of questions applying to one country what is thisoReligious conflict ethnicity populismoOne to specific countryoAnother question in general everything AfghanistanEverybody tries to conquer it but nobody has the graveyard of empiresExtreme case of looking at ethnicity sectarianism corruption and nationalismNot very economically developedGeography of AfghanistanSome of the worlds highest mountains right through the middle of the countryoIt is divided by these mountains and by ethnicity because of these mountainsoAlso strategically importantHas path of invasion to India path of conquestAlso path of tradeEthnic divisionsDance of government between central government and all of the other ethnicitiesPashtuns largest group 41 of population have always run the central governmentTadjiks live in northHazara descendants of Mongols lived in mountainsoVictims of the last 200 years of Afghan history
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