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Carleton University
Political Science
PSCI 2102
Peter Atack

Class 6PSCI2102BFebruary 11 2014Democracy allows for the solving of many conflicts and problemsDemocracy as a development goalHegemonic powers from the West are democratic because we live in a democracy we think democracy is goodDemocracy also a way to develop legitimacyAlternatives have typically been horrendous military governmentsBegan with the study of democracy failures eg Germany Italy and Japan succumbed to fascist regimesoBarrington Moore believed there were various paths to development but with the revolution via industrialization aristocratic elite must be eliminated or they would make alliances with forces on the right and create fascist regimes if bourgeoisie and aristocrats maintained power over state this is source of rightwing nationalism Hadnt had enough of a capitalist revolution hadnt been transformed enoughStrong enough middle class could make alliance with bourgeoisie to create broad pluralistic democracy in England France US etcNo strong middle classno democracyoRueschmeyer and Stephens saw a different path in Latin AmericaWasnt strength in middle class but in working classConstructing big working class that has numbers to demand democracy will result in peace and welfare stateWhen Latin Americans started industrializing the technology had already changed so they needed fewer and fewer workers to run them the weakness of workers werent strong enough to demand democratic stateNot involved in industrial formationsWhat is democracy
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