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Political Science
PSCI 2102
Peter Atack

Class 7PSCI2102BFebruary 25 2014Nationalism and the danger of ethnocentrism IntroductionHow do you get a legitimate stateGlobal South got handed governments quickly after WWII How do you generate legitimacyoNationalism claiming a national identityMakes less sense outside of Western Europe Instead seems to cause conflict genocide etc Agreement that best form of government is being ruled by your own oWhat is your ownoWho is friend and who is foe becomes a basis of modern politicsoIdentifying with someone in your communityHas a historical conjuncture comes into being in a placespace in timeoWestphalian system system of sovereign Western states1648 end wars of religion in Western Europe via Treaty of Westphalia oNationstate new form of loyalty rather than religionCivic NationalismLoyal to civic institutions of nationstates oEg the Queen A symbol of the crown and parliamentary politicsoAmericans swear allegiance to flag and constitution Pledging allegiance to institutionsoWay to get everyone trusting government trusting each other and make an agreement to resolve conflicts by elections and institutionsAgree that someone has a right to govern because they win elections even if you dont agree with themEthnic Nationalism
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