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Class 5 – PSCI2300B – February 3, 2014 – Locke 2.docx

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Political Science
PSCI 2301
Peter Fitzgerald

Class 5PSCI2300BFebruary 3 2014Locke 2Life liberty and estateproperty in generalConsent is in original social contract but also has to be renewed in electoral process Consent is also reviewable Overall limited constitutional governmentrule of lawGovernment provides minimal needssecurity and preservation of propertyno higher values philosophy honour wisdom etcLockeState of Nature1State of nature governed by law of nature free willNot random atoms in a void governed by law of nature God invested the world with a certain law right reason and Christian Conscience that you can align yourself with2Men by nature free and equalright reason and Christian ConscienceHuman beings are not beasthave conscienceHodgepodge of principles from different philosophers not as logical and sequential as HobbesRoot of liberalismliberty Hobbes Locke Rousseau all ascribe to this3Godgiven inalienable national rights life liberty propertyNatural rights theorists because you cannot contract rights away4State of naturenot a state of war but of national society selfhelpState of nature not a state of war because of the law of nature therefore there is an external standard of good and evil therefore men are obliged to respect natural rights of others in state of natureoBut because not all men are good they transgress via selfinterest vanity and a state of war occurs They go against rightreason and infringe natural rights of others which they should no State of war requires transgression force against you or your propertyIn a natural society there is no common judge or enforcement to ensure law of nature is obeyed must enforce natural rights yourself5Social contract by consent inconveniencesno judge no enforcement
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