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Class 3 – PSCI2300B – January 20, 2014 – Hobbes 2.docx

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Political Science
PSCI 2301
Peter Fitzgerald

Class 3PSCI2300BJanuary 20 2014Hobbes 2Sovereignty is absolute and unlimitedall power people construct together gets made into one being that is over and above everything else no other force can contend with itoMechanical scientific worldview where everything is about forceoPhysics as new science of politicsHobbes pt 1 On ManState of Nature1The Mechanical WorldAll bodies are mere matter in motionPrevious political theory doesnt understand true nature of world and manoMan is the same as all other physical nature in motion2All knowledge is by way of sense impression empiricismEverything in motion leaves impression in our sensesEverything not of physical nature goodevil has no truthMan is by nature body and motion not by nature political3All words are arbitrary sign for purpose and utilityWords do not disclose higher ideals they are just arbitrary signs get have functionutilitywords are whatever they say they areoA universal sovereign must create a standard of words4Reason is merely reckoning on calculationinstrumentslave and passionsReason doesnt disclose truthit is calculation and an instrument of the passionsThere to calculate preferences and pains5All good and evil is relative and subjective preference pain and pleasureAll good and evil are preferences and pain things that we like or dislike are good and evil6Men pursue power after powermen are vaingloriousselfinterestedAll men want more and more pleasure and less and less painoAll seek ability to minimize pains via preferences
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