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Political Science
PSCI 2701
Simon Langlois- Bertrand

PSCI2701BClass 4Oct 1 2013Assignment 1 notesFor aii say what kind of evidence it is Statistic anecdote example etc In part c what method is used to eliminate alternative explanations should have been if they do mention alternative explanations how do they dispel themClass notesTwo kinds of hypothesisThe more formal kind the usual kind in science Have a testable statement of a relationship between two variables When I have a I have b alsoSocial sciences hypothesis for something more exploratory So we dont have the exact idea of the variables we are looking for I will have a hypothesis I will be looking forMore based on hunches not as formal as the first kindHypothesis and testing causalityHypothesis usually contains a direction positive or negative and comparisonFalsifiableIf it is false there is a way of proving that oGod existing is not falsifiable oProving a hypothesis is false is usually what we will try to doDell theory of conflict prevention is that two countries with the same supply chains will not go to war Restatement of democratic peace theory that two democracies wont go to warWe see gradual elimination of alternative explanationsoGet rid of alternatives as you go to narrow down hypothesis Correlation vs CausationUsually with methods you have for collecting data you can usually just establish a correlation but not causation Most methods only help us establish correlation an independent variable hypothesized cause varies along with the dependant variable outcomeTo establish causality between two variables we need both to observe correlation and to have a good theoretical explanation for the link 1
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