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Political Science
PSCI 2702
Andrea Wagner

Class 7PSCI2702AFebruary 26 2014What we have learned so farEstimationoDescriptive statisticsHypothesis Testing IoCompare population mean vs sample meanHypothesis Testing IIoCompare two population means by choosing two samples from each populationoUsually tests carried out of women vs menoHuge limitation of hypothesis testing 2 is that we can only compare 2 categoriesCommon goal for hypothesis testing is to reject the null hypothesis the hypothesis of no differenceoFor null hypothesis sample doesnt have distinct characteristics from the populationAnova Hypothesis testing III Final examtype questionWay to compare more populations than hypothesis testing 2Research hypothesis for comparison of quality of professor vs exam gradesteaching quality influencesaffects results when it comes to gradeso3 professors great ok horrible and 3 groups of students high average on exam medium average low averageoNull hypothesis that the difference in grades didnt come from teaching quality but random chance and that differences in sample dont reflect how other classes would have done under same professor populationoWant to prove that teaching quality has an impact on student success For me to reject the null hypothesis you have to group that people in each group of students have a similar level of understanding of SPSS low standard deviation
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