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Political Science
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PSCI 2702
Andrea Wagner

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Class 9PSCI2702AMarch 12 2014Lab next week isnt mandatory worth 3 points One after that is worth 6 points mandatory4 parts on the final exam oMultiple choice questions most difficult part oShort answer eg discuss measures of central tendency logic of ANOVA etc 58 sentences direct answers oSPSS output receive SPSS output and interpret it null hypothesis significance etc andoCalculation bring calculator and calculate standard deviation mean etcRevisionAfter rejecting null hypothesis you want to know how dependent these variables are Chi square only tells you if they are independent or dependentH1 2 34 Measures of associationoThe first 3 just compare averagesoHypothesis testing is a test for statistical significance where you have a null hypothesis and want to reject itoHypothesis testing 4 tests dependence and independence oDivide between 1 2 3 is different from 4 because we arent using interval ratio variables we are using nominal and sometimes ordinal variablesoStatistical significance is for 1 2 3 comparing averages and in 4 we are testing dependenceMeasures of associationComplementary to hypothesis testing 4 is measures of associationThey prove information complementary to tests of statistical significance you are carrying out this test if you reject the null hypothesis in the Chi squared testoUndermined assumption that variables are independent
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