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Chapter 12: Personality (3) & Chapter 13: Stress, Coping, Health (1)

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Lorena Ruci

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Lecture 12: Chapter 13 Stress, Coping, and Health What is Stress?*  Stress response can be compared to response to airplane trying to take off  When well being is threatened, body systems are on high alert (heart, blood vessels, immune system) o QUOTE Acute and Chronic Stress*  Acute Stress: reaction of the body to immediate threat caused by: o Noise o Crowding o Isolation o Danger o Infection  Once the acute threat has passed, or you found a way to deal with it, the response become inactivated and levels of stress hormones return to normal o Relaxation response  Chronic Stress: caused by ongoing stressful situation that aren’t short-lived and the urge to act must be suppressed; organism is constantly on high alert o Loneliness o Relationship problems o Work/school o Finances  More taxing to the organism Stress and Evolution*  The invention of a new disease, Acute Stress Disorder (ASD)  Homeostasis: our body’s inclination to maintain balance  Homeostasis is disrupted when there is chronic stress; try to restore balance, but can’t  Symptoms must occur from 2 days to 4 weeks o Emotional numbness o Memory loss o Anxiety o Sleep difficulties o Detachment  In crisis, we convert to emergency mode, and we secrete hormones to e
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