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Lecture 4

PSYC 2400E - Lecture 4 - Jan. 17, 2013.docx

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PSYC 2400
Julie Dempsey

Thursday, January 17, 2013 PSYC 2400 - Winter 2013 Lecture 4 Selection Interview - Very commonly used - Semi-structured (some set questions, with flexibility) - Mixed support - Poor inter-rater reliability – different interviewers have different opinions - Depends on the person interviewing whether they believe the person should be selected - Some believe that there should be a more structured way to interview (to be more standard) Psychological Tests: Cognitive Abilities - Generally tests: o Verbal o Mathematical o Memory o Reasoning - Use generally supported - More predictive of training success than actual performance - Doesn’t necessarily transfer to the success with being an officer Psychological Tests: Personality - Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory (MMPI) o Designed to identify psychopathological issues (depression, schizophrenia, paranoia, etc.) o Moderate but significant prediction (not a great prediction, low correlation) - Inwald Personality Inventory (IPI) o Developed for law enforcement specifically o Measure personality and behaviour patterns to assess suitability for police work o Identifies bad attributes, to screen out possible individuals o Researcher suggest IPI more predictive of police officer performance than MMPI, although still preliminary - Designed specifically for police selection - 310 true/false questions o 25 scales  Acting out (alcohol, drugs, driving violations)  Attitudes (rigidity, flexible, antisocial attitudes, self-control)  Internalized conflict (anxiety, loner, team player)  Interpersonal conflict (family conflicts, sexual concerns) o 1 validity scale (Guardedness, social desirability) Is the IPI a good measure? - Performance o Absenteeism o Disciplinary o Supervisor evaluations - Detrick & Chibnall (2002) o Family conflict scale predicted supervisor conflicts o Driving violations predicted poor supervisor evaluations What is used by the RCMP? - Police Aptitude Battery o Includes personality questionnaire - Physical abilities requirement evaluation - Regular member selection interview - Polygraph - Security clearance - Health assessment - Training program RCMP POLICE APTITUDE TEST (RCMP, 2008) 1. Composition (spelling, grammar, vocabulary) 2. Comprehension (given excerpt, then answer questions about it) 3. Logic (ordering, sequences, can you follow a map?) 4. Memory (how well can you remember) 5. Judgment 6. Computation (can you convert, basic math) 7. Observation Situational Tests - Involves simulating real world policing tasks o Domestic disturbance o Homeowner compliant o Witness probing - Pynes & Bernardin (1992) o Situational test and training (r = .14) o Situational test and job performance (r = .20) o Low correlation but still significant Police Discretion What is Police Discretion? - A policing task that involves discriminating between: o Circumstances that require absolute adherence to the law o Circumstances where a degree is latitude is justified - Necessary? Absolutely o Cannot possibly make laws to encompass all possible situations an officer will encounter o It would overflow the criminal justice and prisons o Would alienate the police from the community (if they’re too harsh) Important Areas for Discretion 1. Youth crime 2. Offenders with mental illness 3. Domestic violence 4. Use-of-force Youth Crime - Approach to youth justice 1. Taking responsibility 2. Fair and proportionate response that encourage rehabilitation and reintegration a. Don’t want to over-punish youth 3. Specialized court system for youth 4. Community involvement Youth Justice Committees - In Ontario can be referred by police (pre-charge) or courts (post-charge) - Must be low-risk offence - Apology must be made - Other requirements o E.g., community service, curfew, restitution to victim and community Offenders with Mental Illness - Deinstituti
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