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PSYC 2400
Adelle Forth

Lecture 1 Tuesday, January 4, 2011 - We’ll talk about the legal system – forensic component - A lot of legal jargon (ask what it means) - The content is very broad, might go over it too quickly in class - E-mail via WebCT - Announcements, review sessions, article assignment, marks, etc. are all on WebCT - Best way to succeed: download the slides first, then watch the class and fill in the information. - E-mail the TAs to set up a meeting time. They’ll hold office hours right after the midterm. - During very busy times (just before the midterm), don’t ask stupid questions. - Police investigations: police psychology, interrogations - Psychological and geographical profiling *guest lecture - Deception and polygraph *malingering of mental disorder guest lecture - Eyewitness testimony: how to conduct police line ups to increase accuracy, the parameters, etc. - Juries: decision making - Mental health issues: role mental health plays in specific legislation - Sentencing - Assessment of risk for violence: parole board deciding whether to release criminal *guest lecture- area of desistance (why people stop committing crime) - Female offenders *guest lecture - Homicide offenders - Psychopathy *Adelle Forth’s area of specialization (last two lectures) - Child witnesses and victims (prevalence of child abuse) –the content could touch on upsetting topics. - Could leave empty blanks in slides. Fill them in. - Third edition of textbook coming in February o We’re using the second edition this year o Two copies on reserve in the library - Study guide summarizes what’s in the textbook and gives 20 multiple choice questions - A lot of empirical research covered in textbook o When we cover studies in class, we definitely have to know it o If we don’t cover it in class, but there’s lots of info/figures/tables in textbook, study that. o Don’t need to study the replications of studies - There are also lots of legal cases. Know the ones mentioned in class. If they’re not mentioned in class, don’t worry about them. - Midterm: weeks 1-5 (including guest lectures) - Slightly more information covered in final exam - **Article summary is new. 10%. It’s because psychology students usually only have to do multiple choice exams. Big shift to write 30 page papers for third-year honours seminar. o Articles released January 17—due March 4 o Read article and component of textbook that relates to that topic, write a 3- 5 page paper. o Reading empirical literature is important. - Quizzes—best 3 out of 4- 15% o Read the chapters relevant, 20 multiple choice, have a week to do each. - Bonus assignments—0.5 each up to a maximum of 2 points o First one goes through course outline- can do it now o Not marked—just do it for the bonus marks. o Will bring the results to class. - Strict cutoffs. 79.75% does not scale up to 80%. - Article summary this year, instead of short answer. - Make-up midterms February 17 and 19. Notify Kendra within 24 hours in case of illness/bereavement - 2 Canadian universities have big forensic programs: Simon Fraser and Carleton o 6 faculty o Shelley Brown: gender and criminal behaviour o Kevin: sex offenders—aggression o Craig: co-author, teaching the other section. Police psychology- policing, use of force, validity of geographical profiling o *5 floor of Loeb—chat with faculty o Joanna Pozzulo: senior author of textbook, director of Criminology/Criminal Justice Program. Eyewitness testimony and police line ups o Adelle Forth: our professor o Ralph Seron: Criminal Behaviour course. Risk assessment and desistance —works with Caleb (guest lecturer) - Study groups, chapter summaries, practice questions, etc. on discussion board o It w
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