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Kevin Nunes

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Forensic Psychology
Lecture: Mental Illness
February 28,2012
Zapf, P. A., Roesch, R., & Viljoen, J. L. (2001). Assessing fitness to stand trial: The utility of the Fitness Interview Test
(revised edition). The Canadian Journal of Psychiatry, 46, 426-432.
Mental Illness
Examine the accuracy of the Fitness Interview Test, revised edition (FIT-R) as a screening
instrument for assessing as a screening instrument for assessing fitness to stand trial.
Study 1 Participants
100 men remanded to Forensic Psychiatric Institute (FPI) in BC between 1994 and 1995
Most were single (54.5%), white (64%), and unemployed (67%) at time of admission
Mean age = 34.4 years (SD = 11.07)
Paid $5
Study 1 Measures
Fitness Interview Test – Revised (FITR)
Structured Clinical Interview for DSMIII-R-Patient Edition (SCID-P)
FIT-R (Roesch et al., 1998)
Screening measure
Semi-structured interview assesses 6 psychological abilities in CCC fitness standard
Three sections evaluate individual’s
1. Understanding of the nature and object of proceedings
2. Understanding of possible consequences of proceedings
3. Ability to communicate with counsel
If accused has a mental disorder and it results in impairment on any one of the 33 legal
components then may be unfit legal components, then may be unfit to stand trial
Study 1 Procedure
FIT-R and SCID-P administered by trained clinical psychology doctoral students
– Unfit = met criteria for mental disorder (SCID-P) and impaired on 1 or more of 3 psycholegal
abilities (FIT-R)
Coded official determination of fitness in the institution-based evaluation at FPI
Study 2 Participants
100 men remanded to FPI between 1997 and 1998 identified as suffering from psychotic
symptoms at admission
Most were single (69.1%), white (72%), and unemployed (78.3%) at time of admission
Mean age = 34.49 years (SD = 10.23)
Paid $5
Study 1 Measures
• Brief Psychiatric Rating Scale (BPRS)
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