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PSYC 2400
Kevin Nunes

Forensic PsychologyLecture Mental IllnessFebruary 282012Zapf P A Roesch RViljoen J L 2001 Assessing fitness to stand trial The utility of the Fitness Interview Test revised edition The Canadian Journal of Psychiatry 46 426432 Mental IllnessPurposeExamine the accuracy of the Fitness Interview Test revised edition FITR as a screening instrument for assessing as a screening instrument for assessing fitness to stand trialStudy 1 Participants100 men remanded to Forensic Psychiatric Institute FPI in BC between 1994 and 1995 Most were single 545 white 64 and unemployed 67 at time of admissionMean age344 years SD1107Paid 5Study 1 MeasuresFitness Interview TestRevisedFITRStructured Clinical Interview for DSMIIIRPatient Edition SCIDPFITR Roesch et al 1998Screening measureSemistructured interview assesses 6 psychological abilities in CCC fitness standardThree sections evaluate individuals1 Understanding of the nature and object of proceedings2 Understanding of possible consequences of proceedings3 Ability to communicate with counsel If accused has a mental disorder and it results in impairment on any one of the 33 legal components then may be unfit legal components then may be unfit to stand trialStudy 1 ProcedureFITR and SCIDP administered by trained clinical psychology doctoral students Unfitmet criteria for mental disorderSCIDP and impaired on 1 or more of 3 psycholegal abilities FITRCoded official determination of fitness in the institutionbased evaluation at FPIStudy 2 Participants100 men remanded to FPI between 1997 and 1998 identified as suffering from psychotic symptoms at admissionMost were single 691 white 72 and unemployed 783 at time of admissionMean age3449 years SD1023Paid 5Study 1 Measures FITR Brief Psychiatric Rating Scale BPRS
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