PSYC 2400 Lecture Notes - Lecture 5: Psych

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9 Aug 2016
Forensic Psych
2400 Sept 19
Goals of Profiling
-once you know someone’s personality you can use different interrogation techniques
Early Criminal Profiles
-Mad Bomber: victim of work related injury. Didn’t receive workers disability.
-James Brussel was asked to make a profile. Profile didn’t really help to find him.
FBI- Behavioural Science
-more of an art then a science
-Crime Investigator Analysis
Profile construction
-profiles are usually only made for serial crimes. That way an investigator can notice the victomology,
location, method of killing etc..
Inductive Profiling
-using statistics and past offences
Criticisms of Profiling
-Theoretical underpinning: individuals have stable personality traits. The same personality traits will be
manifested each time a crime is committed. Not much empirical evidence. Often offenders will change
Prevalence of mixed crime scene:
-Ambiguous Advice: too many people fit the profile.
-Myth of the expert: Not much education or experience required to build a profile.
Geographical Profiling
-look at the location of crime and based on that attempt to figure out where the perpetrator lives
-Most suspects live near where the crime was committed
Circle Hypothesis
-The offender will live within a certain radius of all the crimes committed
Distance Decay
-Probability of crime increase closer to suspects home
-William Pickton was a commuter. Still committed the crime near his house however abducted people
nearly 80km from his house.
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