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Lecture 5

PSYC 2500 Lecture 5: Child Development class 5

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PSYC 2500
Kim O' Neil

Child Development Class 5 January 20 2016 Teratogens: disease drugs and environmental hazards - Drugs: includes illegal drugs as well as everyday substances - Thalidomide: morning sickness medicine that caused deformed limbs - Others include: Radiation, cocaine and heroin, pot, caffeine, nicotine, alcohol, aspirin - No alcohol during pregnancy - One small cup of coffee a day IF you really need it - Nothing that hasn’t been sterilized Environmental hazards - Lead (check house water when you get pregnant) - Mercury - PCB’s - Arsenic - Solvents - Parasite bearing substances - Cell phone? How teratogens influence prenatal development - Heredity: teratogens are not universally harmful to all organisms - Age: potential for harm changes over course of pregnancy - Selection: teratogens harm particular structures at a particular point in development - Dose: Impact depends on the dose or length of exposure - Long term effects: Damage is not always evident Prenatal Diagnosis - Gives parents an idea of whether or not their baby is developing properly - Genetic counselling, ultrasound, maternal blood analysis - Amniocentesis (16-19 week gestation) - Fetoscopy (put a camera in and actually look at fetus Treatment - Used when an abnormality is detected - Fetal medicine is available - Genetic engineering is slowly developing 5 Steps to a Healthy baby 1. Visit health care provider for regular prenatal check ups 2. Eat healthy foods (take prenatal vitamins and folic acid before becoming pregnant 3. No smoking, no alcohol, no caffeine 4. Exercise 5. Rest Labour and delivery - 3 stages to delivery when the baby is ready to be born, hopefully between 38 and 42 weeks - Stage 1: contractions and Dilation, hoping to get dilated to 10 centimetres - Stage 2: delivery of the baby (1hr) pushing & crowning - Stage 3: Birth of the placenta (15 mins) Approaches to childbirth Old - Went to the hospital and they put you to sleep and when you woke up you had a baby - Childbirth used to be very medical - Men didn’t have anything to do with child birth New - Big focus on what the woman feels comfortable with - Childbirth classes teach pain control through deep breathing, imagery, and supportive coaches - Mothers who attend classes use less medication during labour and feel more positive about labour and birth - Duola:
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