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Week 7 Practice Questions - power calculations and multiple comparisons (1).pdf

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Carleton University
PSYC 3000
Deanna C Whelan

Week 7 Practice Questions – Power calculations and multiple comparisons For questions 1-5, indicate whether the statement is a) True or b) False. 1. Reducing the PC error rate in a family of tests makes each test less powerful. 2. For 2 or more pairwise comparisons between treatment means, the familywise error rate is less than the per-comparison error rate. 3. If an independent variable has 4 treatment levels, there are 8 possible pairwise comparisons between treatment means that can be tested. 4. If there is no correlation between the two groups of a matched-pairs design, the formula for the required sample size for a given power is the same as the formula for an independent- samples design. 5. The coefficients in any given contrast must always add to 1. 6. You have just completed a study with the following four treatment means: M =2, M = 3, M 1 2 3 = 5, and M 4 8. Calculate the value of the contrast specified by the coefficients {-1, -1, -1, +3}. a)  = -2 b)  = -14 c)  = +2 d)  = +14 7. Referring to the previous question, if a t-test is performed on the specified contrast, what is the resulting t-value? (assume n = 3 and pooled= 3.5) a) t = 1 b) t = 2 c) t = 3 d) t = 6 8. Using Bonferroni’s formula, what PC error rate should be used to control the FW error rate to 5% in post hoc tests among 7 means? a) .014 b) .005 c) .007 d) .350 9. You’ve just completed your thesis. Your results indicated that a treatment reduces panic in students in statistics courses from a mean of 5 panic at
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