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Carleton University
PSYC 3402
Julie Dempsey

Sex OffendersScope and ImpactVictim reportsoSexual assault 2 of CanadiansoChild sex abuse 20 girls 510 boysUniform Crime Report UCR Surveyo73100 000 Sex offences account for 1 of all offences 1415 of CSC population are sex offendersSex offences have the highest level of underreporting 1 in 10 reportoLowest rate in incest sexual offencesoViolent sexual assaults against strangers have the highest rate of reportingWhy UnderreportThe victim thinks they would be blamedSocial stigmaNot important enough to reportIt was a personal matterCould be dealt with in another wayFamily would nd out An extreme exampleRape myths minimize the responsibility of the rapist by blaming the victim2011R v Kenneth Rhodes oJustice Dewar how they dressed was a mitigating factor anticipation of sex by Rhodes wasnt groundlessAre official rates changingUCR policereported sexual offencesoOn the declineo1984 changes to legislation expansion on what was considered sexual assaultawarenesspeak in reports in the early 90sChild Sexual Abuse in Catholic Church Terry 200850s80s the abuse happened but didnt get reported until the 90s when the problem was then a thing of the pastChild Sexual AbuseOn the decrease at around the 90sOther indicators of negative childhood experiences going down ex the quality of a childs life was improvingPossible Reasons for DeclineAging populationObesity and other healthrelated issuesEnd of the freedom eraAwareness ie child supervisionEconomic prosperity in 1990sBetter sex offender management and treatment Consequences for VictimsPTSDDepressionVery high or very low sexual functioningIncrease in problems if abused victimized as a child incest What is a typical sex offenderYoung common at ages 1217Average age in federal 44 years oldMajority are Caucasian
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