PSYC 3604 Lecture Notes - Lecture 3: Implicit Memory, Projective Test, Dsm-5

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2 Aug 2016
PSYC 3604
Sept 30
Psychoanalytic approach
-a lot of problems associated with people are due to early childhood trauma. Also unconscious desires
and thoughts could be the cause
-Repressed memories
-Freudian techniques rely on projection to dig up the unconscious
Structural hypothesis
-ego: avoiding behaviour that leads to punishment
-superego: morals. Empathy. Feelings of guilt after a decision.
These three work in unison. Ego makes sure everything is in balance.
Defense mechanisms
-repression: putting memories in unconscious to forget about it
-projection: putting your feelings onto someone else.
-displacement: displacing your feeling of anger onto someone else who has not caused it.
-isolation: distance yourself emotionally from a certain memory.
-intellectualization: uses facts and reason to detach emotionality of a topic or event
-denial: refusing to speak about an event
-regression: returning to younger more immature behaviour
-sublimation: converting unacceptable behaviour and thoughts into socially acceptable behaviours.
-implicit memory: cannot be explained. Something that needs to be triggered. The unconscious.
-projective techniques: inkblot & TAT
-free association: let your mind speak freely without filter.
-resistance: when patient is resistant to questions therapist notices this (changes subject, laughs, goes to
bathroom, sarcasm)
-transference: clients transfers their feelings they have for someone else towards the therapist
-Slips: when someone says something they did not mean. Usually displays unconscious desires or
thoughts. The exposure of the Id.
Dreams as unconscious wishes
-manifest: freud wasn’t too interested in this aspect
-latent: the interpretation of the dreams
-freud has small sample of rich white women
Sociocultural Perspective
-person who is suffering from problem is not the one who is studied but the entire societal ill
-social problems are what cause mental illness
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find more resources at
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