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Lecture 7

RELI 1730 Lecture 7: Week7

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RELI 1730
Josee Compion

20170228. Week 7 Hinduism: Its conception of the divine and its use of murti The Basics: 1 Billion Hindus, mostly in India Very ancient origins Without a founder nor a central authority Extremely diverse o Beliefs may vary o Devotional Hinduism Hinduism Immanent and Sacramental Visual o an imagemaking religion in which the sacred is seen as present in the visible world (Eck 1985, 10) Various Representations of the Divine Both iconic and aniconic o Often, with human and superhuman traits (Indra, Temple of Puchenchira) o At times, with animal traits (Ganesha) Historical Context th Bhakti (devotion), 4 c. o Love of a personal God o Predominant today st The use of the iconic image, 1 c. o Grew between the 4 7 c. th o Central in Hinduism today WesternValues biases AcademicInsider Viewpoint Hinduism images as idols Iconsmurti (divine images) and their use as idolatrous Not idolatry! Antagonism rooted in the nd Hebraic 2 commandment
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